CANADA TOUR: St. Paul's Congregational Church-Chatham

20 Apr 2011

Based on the report from a few fans who have attended the Chatham Concert. The concert is more better than before. The BEST so far. The boys, the stage, the sound system, the crowd, everything was WONDERFUL. I'm glad to hear that Ralph and Stefan are getting better. All of the soloist on that night have done a SPLENDID job. Not only the soloist, but also all the boys were AMAZING. Every songs were perfect and very well. Congratulation, boys! Ugh, if I was there. Now, I really really can't wait to watch them singing live. That would be great. I know it right. Again, well done, guys! 

The stage at the church. Quite good, right?
Moose, the mascot of the tour. Oh, so cute. I want one, please!

Pictures credit to Paul. He made a blog, special for report of Canadian Tour 2011. Find out more by click here.

I'm pretty sure that the picture is from Chatam concert. The same stage. 
 I found this picture from Libera Official Website. Visit here.

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