CANADA TOUR: Islington-Toronto and Kitchener

20 Apr 2011

A big credit to Lexi. Visit her blog to see another pictures. She also make the concert review there. I really enjoyed read that review, Lexi. Keep up the good work.

Above are pictures from Islington concert. Islington is one of the sold-out concert. So many people at the church. According to lots of reviews from fans who attended the concert, overall the concert went very well. The boys showed the best from them. But, some of the boys have throat infections, such as Ralph and Stefan who got solos. Even at the concert Daniel seemed to be watching Ralph as if he was supposed to jump in and assist Ralph if Ralph couldn't do it. Some people noticed that on most of Ralph's solos, Daniel was just a step behind him and to one side as though ready to take over or help. I am amazed that even he got the cough, Ralph still was performing so well. So did Stefan. Well, done boys. Such a professional job. Proud of you, guys.

At Kitchener there was about 750 people. Wow! Kitchener had a big stage, it also had good acoustics, a big screen and projector like in Epsom, and even a fog machine. Sounds great! Just like the previous concerts. The concert was amazing. The boys are still sick. Oh, poor guys. I hope you'll get better soon. Still no meet and greet. Too tired for the boys. But, they still sale their CD and DVD in there.

ps: Check this out to see more pictures from the concert. Credit to Terry from AngelVoices group.

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