Think of Josh

25 Jun 2011

Just want to share it for you. It is just for intermezzo in your busy time. So, today I found an interesting website, called Akinator. The web claimed itself as a Web Genius. Why? Because it can read our minds. All you need is think about a real or fictional character, answer some random questions and the Genie will try to guess who it is. By the way, the questions and the result take a few seconds to load so be patient.

Yeah, I know, it is not linked with Libera. But, why I posted here because I was curious about this site so I've tried it. I decided to think of Josh Madine. The result really made me surprise. And this is what I get. 

WOW! Ah-mazing. You see what I got was Josh's photo complete with his name. How did he know???!! Quite fun, right? Worth to try. Have fun then. Anyway, speaking of him, is there someone can tell me that Josh is still in Libera or not? I'm wondering all the time. Huft, looks like I have to wait until July to find out the answer. Oh July, please come faster!!!!

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