Summer Tour to the USA

20 Jun 2011

There is great news for you. About an hour ago Libera announced their summer tour in the USA. They also posted it on their official website.

We are delighted to announce that we expect to tour in the USA in the Summer.  We will be performing in the Twin Cities, the Windy City, the Gateway to the West and the Lone Star State.
- Minneapolis MN on 27th July
- St Paul MN on 29th July
- Chicago IL on 31st July
- St Louis MO on 3rd August
- Frisco TX on 7th August
- Houston TX on 9th August
We will announce details of venues shortly.

How lucky you guys in the USA. They visit your country again in this year, though they are not visit the same places. I think Libera want to develop their fanbase in the USA. So, spread words, guys. Tell everyone about their summer tour. Make sure the tickets will be sold out. 

Oh, honestly, I'm really jealous. Hahahaha. I'm dying to meet them, but for me it's impossible to fly to USA. I still have a faith that one day they will come to Indonesia. Ah, please, please, please, come to my country, Indonesia. I'll be waiting for your next tour here, in Indonesia. For all USA fans, congratulation! :)

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