Let's Help Libera

10 Jul 2011

Guys, please, do not forget to TELL everyone you know that Libera is coming to USA. Invite your mother, father, brother, sister, granddad/mom, friends, teachers, and everybody to see their concert. Let's make sure the tickets for the whole concert will be SOLD OUT. So, you can do a simple thing like share the video below to your families and friends by post on facebook, twitter, or e-mail. Visit Official Libera on Youtube to get another videos. You can also use the poster and flier to promote their tour to anyone. Yes, let's help Libera to announce their coming to USA. It's time for us to be great messengers for Libera (Messenger? Is that a right term? Really I have no idea. LOL.). But, for sure I know we can make it. Keep spread the words!!! 



Thank you for Lexy who posted those posters/fliers on her blog. To get another posters and fliers for another venues, please click here.

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