Preparing for A Tour

12 Jul 2011

Today there is a new blog post about the tour preparing. You'll love this post. Smart writer. I love the way he described all of their activities they do for a tour. So good. :)

"As you might be aware, we are going on another tour soon.  For most of us, we have the end of term to get through first, and many rehearsals on the side, followed by a whirlwind of last-minute packing!
Rehearsals for a tour are usually quite intensive; hours of practice for both music and choreography are the backbone of our stage show." Read more..

Daaaaaang!! I felt very happy and excited when I was looking this picture. Because Josh was there and it means he is not yet leave Libera. Can you see the fourth boy from right? That's him. BUT, then I realized that the picture is the one that took last year. Auuww, I am really disappointed.

Well, though I am still very happy and excited to hear the boys work hardly for this tour from singing practice to dress rehearsal. I don't know before that how hard the practices are, even they spend their weekend for rehearsal. Thank God, they still had fun in their rehearsal time. Happy boys! :)

Tiarnan, Mini Ben, Barney, Henry, Cassius, Matthew, JB, and Liam.
Looks tired, but still focused.

I really love and enjoy to read this blog. Quite interesting and funny. I love this part: "I practice in the shower, and my parents show their appreciation by telling me to be quiet as they’re watching T.V." They really loves singing, even they are practicing in the shower. Hahaha, I am also loves to sing when I take a bath and do another bathroom activities. Yeah, you know, I am actually a bathroom singer.  LOL. 

I also love this part: "We always find that all of us are always missing something on tour, from toothbrushes to T-shirts!". Hahahha..OH BOY! Please, please, be diligent for your packing activity too. LOL.

Oh My Josh!! After read this, I am becoming soooo excited for the tour this year. I really really appreciated their hard work and effort for preparing the show. Boys, you know, I believe that you'll be great and perfect as always when the show go on. Hey, Libera guys, KEEP FIGHTING!!!

For y'all who will be attended their concerts, prepare yourself to get the perfect show from the boys. Anyway, don't forget to KEEP SPREAD THE WORDS!!! Remember, their tour is only a few weeks away. Let's make this tour more crowded than ever. YAY!!

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