Free Download Songs

15 Jul 2011

For celebratiing the USA tour, EMI is giving us 5 free songs. Wow, thank you so much Libera and EMI for this gift.

"Join Libera and EMI Classics as we celebrate the US summer tour with this 5-track sampler of Libera's greatest hits."

Visit this site to download these songs below for free.
1. Sanctus 
2. Love and Mercy
3. Orinoco Flow
4. Going Home
5. Far Away

If you do not yet have those songs, please download it from the link above. Don't forget to share this by giving the link to everybody who doesn't know Libera yet. This is one way to introduce their wonderful music and get more fans.
All big thanks to Jimmy Riddle for sharing this great information. Hmmm, I adore you, Jimmy. LOL.


  1. Woo hoo! Thanks for sharing this! I love to download songs and when they are free its even better!

  2. Hello, Stephanie.
    You're most welcome.
    All big thanks to EMI and Libera for giving us the free download songs.
    Enjoy then :)

  3. who sang the solos in those songs?

  4. Hi Anon, since these song are not new, I believe it took from the old albums. So, here is the soloist.

    - Sanctus - Ed Day (Angel Voices)
    - Love and Mercy - Tom Cully and Josh Madine (New Dawn)
    - Going Home - Michael Horncastle (Angel Voices)
    - Far Away - Michael Horncastle (Angel Voices)

    Hope it helped you.
    Thanks for passing by :)