New Christmas Album

21 Jul 2011

Libera has been announced a NEW CHRISTMAS ALBUM that will be releasing soon. Uhhm, so that rumour all this time has been revealed, unless the Filipino part because it seem this would be an international one. If you remember my previous post, you'll understand what rumour I've told here.

So, if I made no mistake, this is the very first Christmas album they released since they named Libera. Wow, I can't wait for this. I'll do anything for grab this album. I swear.

By the way, here is their post on the official website, include a picture of the boys and the recording tools.

"We have been very busy recently.  Of course we have been preparing for our forthcoming USA tour, but we have also been recording a NEW ALBUM.  This will be a first for Libera, because it is a Christmas album - and it is due for release later in the year.

So please look out for more news of this soon!"

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