Christmas Album CD Cover

24 Aug 2011

PolyEast Records has posted the cover of Libera The Christmas Album on their official facebook. The picture is the same picture we already seen before, unless it has different background. They have Stefan, Matthew, Cassius, Barney, and Ralph on the cover. Well, I love the snow background, it matches perfectly with their shining robes. Beautiful :). Their songs will warm us on a snowy and icy Christmas day in this year. Though, we don't have snow here. :D
According to Libera360, “Libera: A Christmas Concert” will herald the launch of their much awaited Christmas Album, their first as Libera. The CD will contain 16 track Libera Christmas Album. The cover of the new Libera Christmas Album set to be released tentatively on September 26 in the Philippines.

From Libera Dreams forum, the album will contained these songs below: 
Joy To The World ==> you can download for free here
Carol of the Bells
Veni Veni Emmanuel
==> it is a beautiful song. I really loves this song.  
Corpus Christi Carol
Still, Still, Still
The First Nowell
==> my favorite Christmas song :)

Updates: The complete tracklist has been revealed at Libera Dream forum, but I choose to not post it here until Libera360 or Libera themselves announce it. I love all songs in that tracklist, though there are some old songs included in this album. But overall is a wonderful album. Okay if you'd like to know it too, I give you the link. Click here.

Now I really can't wait for this album. It is something 'a must to buy'. :) Stay tune for more information later.

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