Libera 'The Christmas Album' Deluxe Edition?

29 Aug 2011

I heard from several Libera fan forums about Libera 'The Christmas Album', there will be a normal and deluxe album. So, I go to to see it with my eyes. The date release for both is on 7 November 2011. I wonder about the deluxe one. What's kind of bonus we'll get inside the package? There are no specific details yet. We'll wait and see for further information then.

You can read more about the Christmas album here. Anyway, whatever I'm looking forward to this album. If you like to check it by yourself, you can go to here (the normal one) and here (the deluxe edition).

The standard album - 11.52 Euro
The deluxe album - 11.72 Euro
For more details you can read it from related post, click the link below.

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  1. The deluxe edition contains the full album together with a special Libera Christmas tree decoration and 16 exclusive Libera postcards featuring song lyrics and pictures of the Libera boys.
    [source =]

  2. Hello Anon,

    Yeah, I knew that, even I already have one copy of it. It's just an old post. I've posted the updates regularly in my blog. You can read the articles for September and October.

    But thank you.