USA Tour 2011 Pictures

29 Aug 2011

YAY!! Finally, Libera has uploaded their pictures during the tour. You can see the rest here. I'll pick my favorite only. But, but, but, they have so many good pictures. Ugh, I'm very confuse to choose. Hmmm...

Matthew! Hey, I knew that hat. It's Josh's. I'm 100% sure. See here.
Is that Ralph? CUTE!! XD
Look at Josh. LOL. Oh, the weather. 
 Barney and his cool shades, plus the adorable smile :)
 Is that Neil Jude Amstrong?
Ah, I loves this picture. Such a cute pose. Look at Luke's face and Ralph's.
 I didn't know Libera has a SUPERMODEL.
 A really good picture of Kavana.
 Oh Barney. What a smart picture.
Auuw, those three little boys.
They three looks so serious. I wonder what kinda book is.
 All 28 boys of USA Tour 2011. YAY!

I loved every pictures they post. All is great. You had so much fun in there. I'm happy to know that. Thank you Libera for all these pictures. You're AWESOME, guys. Cheers :)

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