Philippines Tour 'New' Poster

1 Sep 2011

Today Libera360 just uploaded a re-newed poster for Libera: A Christmas Concert at their facebook page. Visit them here. Okay, from now on let's forget the previous poster that uhhmmm...I really won't talk about it anymore. Ah, they also add the complete price range on it. I told you before that I like the design and the colors, didn't I? Yes, I really like it. This is the re-newed one. Looks so much better, right?

Because the situation back to normal (no more bad temper), so I want to say: Hey, Filipino fans and others grab your ticket now! Don't forget to tell everyone about their coming to Philippines. Share this through facebook, twitter, email, and so on to your family and friends, and whoever you know and don't. Copy and print this poster, and put it at your church, school, home, and anywhere. Do not let anyone miss this information. Shout out: LIBERA IS COMING!!!!! :D

Anyway, a teaser video made by Libera360. It's 00:37 video that promoting Libera's concert in Philippines on October this year. You can see the details here. Don't forget to promote and spread words about Libera and this concert. OK? OK?


  1. Oh, I hope this isn't the final version. Poor JB = ( And why do they put pictures where there Josh is small. He's still very cute, is not it?)

  2. I hope so. Though I really likes the design and of course cute face of young Josh. It is bad for JB and his fans after all. I hope they'll change it soon.

  3. You are right! I mean yes josh is cute beyond cute, but poor jb! Im still a fan of his, he is one of the people that seems to stay with Libeta no matter what happens. And besides, like mickey dee said, he's still cute, so putting a picture of him from way back then isn't the best. He has grown since he last went to the phillippines. Oh no! What if they mistake Matt for Josh because of the picture? That would be a little funny though..

  4. Maybe those people want to attract people/fans by putting Josh's face on it as well in the teaser video. But, it was rude for both JB and Josh. It's an EPIC fail.

    Hahaha...that's ridiculous :D