Josh and His Scholarship

28 Aug 2011

 A big smile for his hard work :)

OH MY JOSH! I'm so speechless. Ah, so proud of him. He's not only a talented person, but also a smart boy. Okay, Josh just received a music scholarship to one of top school in the United Kingdom as he reached top marks in his GCSEs. He scored nine A* grades, five A grades and one B grade as a pupil at his current school. Wow, excellent!

This happy news came from an article at The article said Josh played piano and clarinet. They also wrote his opinion about this excellent achievement, he said: "I am completely overwhelmed. I am glad that all my hard work has paid off. I studied almost every day for three months. I was a bit nervous but I think if you put the hard work in, you get the grades you deserve."

So, we know now why he missed Epsom concert and Canada tour. All is worth it. Really really worth it, Josh. In the article, he also said he would be sad to leave his current school: "I am going to miss it. It has been a great school. I have met loads of lovely people. The teachers have been great. But I am still going to be tied to the school because my sister goes here."

Yeah, it's always hard to leave when you should move to new place and leave everybody you knew. Sure, you will miss everyone then. Aw, but everyone, especially your family must be really proud of you. :D FYI, his new school is all-boys school. Hope he will enjoy himself at this school. Again, congratulations, Josh!

You can read the rest of article by click here. Many thanks to Yuki and Dani for sharing this wonderful news with us. Anyway, I just realized something here. Someone from his current school has told me this before that he was going to a new school. She left a comment on one of my post here, but at that time I didn't really pay much attention. Even I didn't notice it, to be honest. Hahaha, sorry but many thanks to her. (:


  1. Wow! Nice job, Josh!
    Thank you for this news, madine_lover!

  2. You're most welcome, Mickey. He's an amazing person. :)

    Ah, about Josh's moving to new school. Someone from his current school has told me before at my blog but I didn't notice it yet at that time. I just realized it now.

  3. Wow! Cooool! Josh is such a good student! I'm so glad you put this up :)
    I didn't know he played clarinet... he's so multi-talented!

  4. Hello Liberaholic,
    Good to see you here. How's life?(Especially after had an experience with Hurricane Irene)

    Surprisingly he's an outstanding student. :) Yes, me too. I knew he plays piano, but didn't know before he plays clarinet too. OH JOSH!!

  5. Ha the hurricane was really not as bad as I thought. Just lots and lots of wind. And leaves and branches, too!
    Other than that, life is all right. I'm just getting ready for school. Again.

    Well, I have to say, Josh is a really smart kid!! And he's two years older than me and he's already doing so well! And, yes he did say he was doing keyboard(which probably means piano in England lol). I'm glad to see him all into music. Such a smart kid, JOSHHHH :) Oh, Josh Josh. We will miss him :)

  6. Thank be to God, if you are all just fine after the hurricane. :)

    Honestly, I miss him already. :)