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28 Aug 2011

New blog entry is out. The post is entitled " Hotel Life ". Oh anyway, I just realized that Libera has canged their profile picture on their facebook page. :)

So here we are. Finally, after 6 full concerts, a Starkey Hearing gala and some church services, we come to the end of our America tour 2011. The journeys have been fun. The performances were exciting, and wonderful. The support: AMAZING. But one thing seems missing: What about hotel life?? read more. 

What can I say? It's great as usual. I never bored to read it. I'm glad they were treated very well during the tour. Nice hotel. Delicious food. Comfortable bed. Thanks to everyone in the USA, you were very nice to our boys. :) 

Then, what about their hotel life? Are you ready? Aye, Captain. So here we go. Firstly, the hotel itself and the rooms. Yup, and it starts from their heads. What? Yeah, there are so much question plays in their heads, like what the next hotel will be like? or what the breakfast buffet will taste? or who will be my roommate? Everyone wonders about that when they nearly get to their next destination. Then what's happen next when they already arrive to the hotel? Of course they haul their suitcases off the coach first, get in to the hotel lobby which nerve-freezing air-conditioned. Hahaha, nerve-freezing. Remember, the USA was very hot like an oven at that time. So, the temperature difference outside and inside the hotel is astronomical (lol). 

Crowne Plaza is another hotel they stay besides Ritz Charlton.

Like the writer said in the blog, this is the exciting parts. The key cards distribution means they can go to their rooms and get a beauty sleep soon, also their roommate will be revealed (YAY!). I love the parts we all receive our rectangular gadget; which will open the heavenly door to our hotel room. Ah, we could understand it. After a long long journey in the coach, the real bed is like heaven :D. Then they ready for sleep, sleep, and sleep. But, of course they do not forget to unpack the suitcase and brush their teeth before. And one thing I almost forget, getting some PJ’s on. Wait, PJ refers to pajama? Hahaha, cool.

Secondly, food. This is also an important and exciting thing. After wake up and get dressed, it's time for breakfast. The joy of having buffet breakfast is you can choose whatever you like means it will be delicious for sure. Smart thought, boy. From the pictures they post, seemed all food they had were yummy. :)
Waffle. Yum, looks tasty. Nice choice boy. 
This made me mouthwatering. Glorious food.

Last, the bed. Okay, stay in the hotel will not be the same like at home. In the room you have a giant television with so much interesting channels, a big bed, even a minibar which containing extravagant chocolates and drinks (but not for free!). The other things you get in the hotel is they make the beds for you. You don't need to bother yourself for that. Hotel serves everything you need. And that's how their hotel life is.
The heavenly bed. Their stage for sweet dream scenes.

So, for now we can make a conclusion: the questions above are solved. I'm looking forward for the next adventure. :)

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