World Libera Day

23 Aug 2011

There are many ways to help Libera. As we know Libera is a non-profit choirboys, registered as a charity in the United Kingdom. All this time they can stand until now from donation and charity by boys' parents and many other volunteers. Maybe you can read the complete details why they need donations, click here

Libera Fans UK invite us all Libera fans to participate in event they called World Libera Day on November 1st 2011 where Libera fans in the whole world can hold an event in your place to raise money for Libera. I think this is an awesome move for Libera. Therefore, I share this with you, guys. If not us, who else will support them? That's what fans are for.

All money you collected will be given to Libera, which certainly used for their need such as vocal practice, studio recording time, tour expenses, and publicity. You can do whatever you like, hold events and activities, sponsorship, collections, donations, etc. For the details you can see at

This is your time to help Libera financially. No matter how much money you give, it really means so much to them. Let's help Libera! Don't forget to spread this information to your family and friends! Who knows maybe next time they will come to your places for a concert.

Beside it, you can help Libera in other ways:
1. Donate money direct to their website.
2. Use Libera's link to buy anything from Amazon, because Libera will get commission from it. This is the link.
3. Buy their original CD's/DVD's/mp3's.
4. Share their music to anyone in this world. Spread words about Libera.
5. And so on.

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  1. Thank you for adding World Libera Day to your page, and i ask all Blogs and Libera fan sites to do the same, lets help Libera together. By the way London in Love is a great place to be.
    Thank you again Libera Fans

    Adrian (Libera Fans UK)