Christmas Album for Filipino?

5 Jul 2011

This morning I just heard a news from a thread in Libera Dreams Forum. So, elemental7 (a member from Philippines) heard from a PolyEast Record employee that they will release a Libera Christmas album this September in Philippines. Anyway, click here to read the thread. Well, I don't know it is just a rumor or not. But we all know according to Jimmy Riddle that Libera just having a photoshoot last Saturday in London. I don't know this is related or not. But, this is an exciting news. I'm hoping we'll get something new from Libera. I just can't wait.

So, get ready Filipino fans. We don't know that this news is true or not. Just in case, you should be prepared from now on. For this album or MAYBE a tour? Okay, now, we'll just have to wait until we get an official announcement from Libera themselves.

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