Miracle of Life on E Morning Japan

4 Jul 2011

So, there is a little announcement from EMI Japan. A show named "E Morning" will introduce Libera, in this case they will talk about Miracle of Life. Oh yeah anyway, there will be a comment video from Libera, I don't know what it is but we'll see. The show will air on Tuesday July 5th, at 10:57 AM local time. This is a program from a TV channel called TV Tokyo. It is their official website.

This is a really good opportunity for Libera to promote their music to all Japanese. Libera need to spread their wings widely. I know, I know, Libera sales are strong in Japan, especially Miracle of Life. It got so much good impression from many people. On Amazon Japan this album placed Top 10 sales in Classical section until now. FYI, they got first place for four weeks on the Japan Billboard Classic section a few months ago. Wow, GREAT!!! See this image below for the proof.
Credit to fan_de_LoK

So, all Japanese fans over there don't forget to watch that show tomorrow. It will be good if someone will record it and share it with us.

Hey, guys, until there is no one upload the video about this show. But thanks to Yuki Bol who wrote about it on her awesome blog, Dear Libera. The comment video I mentioned before is the same one with this. Last, Libera officially will be back on April 2012 to Japan. YAY for Japanese!
Another Japanese blogger who also posted the details about it. Check her blog, here. Thank you Hagy for pictures and everything you did.

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