Starkey Gala

25 Jul 2011

Yeah, yesterday Libera performed at Starkey Gala. Libera was the first on stage. They sang Song of Life, Ralph led the solo part. You can see a short video of them here. Libera also sang For Kids as back up singers with John Rich. Well actually I hope someone will post another longer video of them, you know with Libera singing in it. There are 3 more short videos of them, click hereOh My Josh! I think I saw Sam Leggett and someone who looks like Josh Madine on that clip. Is that really JOSH? Does he come to USA for real? Please, someone tell me that I'm right. Oh, I hope I'm right. Really, I can't wait to find out this. Oh, please July 27 come faster!!!!! :)

But, I'm glad that this event get successful. All tickets are sold out. They raised over $7.2 million. Wow, that is awesome. Such an honour for Libera to take part in such a big charity event like this. Congratulation to Libera, all peformers and supporter at this Gala. (All of the pictures credits to Starkey Hearing Foundation.)

Libera singing Song of Life

Libera singing with John Rich

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