Announcement - Tickets and Starkey Foundation Gala Awards

9 Jul 2011

Finally Libera announced the whole information about their USA Tour. Ah yeah, they also have a really GREAT news for us. Watch out!!

Official Libera:
At last - we are able to confirm details for our forthcoming USA tour.  We are sorry for the delay which was caused by difficulties obtaining USA Visas. (That's okay, guys. Really!)

We are very glad to be able to confirm that our venue in St Louis will be the fantastic Cathedral Basilica. We are delighted to be returning to this wonderful place.
For ticket information please see our events page. (Or you can go straight to Hurry up! and grab yours.)

Additionally we are thrilled that we have been invited to participate in the prestigious Starkey Foundation Gala Awards Ceremony on 24 July, in the presence of President Bill Clinton. For more information see the Gala Website. (AWESOME!!!)

Wow, that is really wonderful news, guys. This is a kind of charity event. The gala will be held at The RiverCentre in St. Paul-MN on July 24. Libera will perform along with another world singers like Miley Cyrus and many more. You can see them below.

Ah, proud of you, guys. I think it's a BIG chance to get their music more familiar to many people. It is like a promotional event for Libera. YAY!!! Let's make Libera's World just get bigger and wider.

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