Letter To Josh

6 Aug 2011

Hello Josh, 

If you read this, I just wanna let you know that I love you so much.
Thank you for being in Libera all this time.
Well, whatever you’ll do in the future, you’ll always get my full support.
To me, you’re the best.

Yuni from Indonesia 

Man, I expect this expression he would gave me on his face just like the picture below when he received it. Looking very excited. Hahaha... I imagine that he was like...Josh: YAY! I got a LETTER! Yippie...

Unfortunately, he will never got this letter. I can't found someone who could help me to hand this to him. My initial plan is asking any fans who'll come the concert to give it to him in Meet and Greet. But, yeah seemed I was not lucky enough. So, I decided to post it here. That's all I can do it.

Speaking of Josh and the tour, I wonder is there any chance to see Josh sing like he did on this USA tour? This question played all the time in my head since I knew Josh was on the tour. Gosh, I am afraid I'll never had the chance. There is no one knows how long he'll stay with Libera. Moreover I don't know when they'll come to my country or when I could see them live at the concert with Josh is still with them. This is the main reason why I wrote that letter, at least I ever give something for him in a real life, not just in the internet world. Hmmm, OMJ! I feels bad for myself. Hiks.


  1. Aww don't worry Yuni. You'll give it to Josh someday :)

  2. Hey, dont worry! Like Charmaine said, I'm sure you'll give it to him someday :) I'll tell you what... I'll see what i can do. It probably won't be giving letter to him in person; it would probably have to be through the internet if that's okay with you...I cant make any promises, though. Again, I'll see what i can do,okay? :D

  3. @Charmaine: Thank you. I hope so.

    @Kiara: Hello, Kiara. Thank you. How kind of you. Again, many thanks to you for whatever you'll do for me. Really. I'll appreciate any kind of help from you. You've just made my day. :)

  4. Why don't you post the letter to St. Philip's Church in London? It's easy to find the address on the internet. I am sure the letter will be passed on to him.

  5. Well, I never thought about it before.
    But, I'm scared I'll freak him out. Would this make me look like a stalker or something? Though, that is a good idea. Thank you :)

  6. Hi! I was just reading this, and I was wondering, what if you gave it to Matthew when Libera visited where you live? I'm sure if you'll ask him nicely, he will give it to his older brother ;)

  7. Hi Liberaholic,
    Yeah, that is a good idea too. I also have a thought about it before. Wish I will get that chance.
    Thank you, Liberaholic :)

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  9. Yuni,

    Just read this post..heehehe, girl, you're gonna meet him one day and this letter will be handed to him from you :). it's time to make it comes true. :)