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6 Aug 2011

Friday was a ‘concert day’ for us. A ‘concert day’ consists of relaxation in the morning, followed by a big lunch and a sound check in the afternoon. In the morning we went to the Minneapolis Media Institute, where we saw loads of iMacs, mixing desks, and tons of electronic music gear where students learn how to mix a song for release on radio or more.

Between their concert activity like rehearsal, sound check and stuff, they went to Minneapolis Media Institute for relaxation. It is a school that offers degree program in recording and video game. It was absolutely very interesting for the boys. Yeah, of course, lots of them usually making their own music in their ordinary boy's life. They saw iMacs, mixing desks, and electronic music gear for mix a song. Ah, I can imagine what kind of expression on their faces. They were also treated to a mini jazz performed by Paul Peterson, his mom, and Tom Tipton. Anyway, Paul has a website, visit it here. Oh yeah, I found a picture from Paul's offcial facebook featured Libera in it. The caption said: Gospel Legend Tommy Tipton and my mom @Jeanne Peterson play for childrens choir @Libera. So, it means the picture is taken when Libera got a treat from him and friends. 
Tom Tipton and Libera boys
They spend most of  the day in their coach, drove up to Illinois, Chicago. Quite long journey. Fortunately, the DVDs saved them from the boredom, though a few boys chose to sleep. I agreed with the boy about the hotel. Yeah, the Ritz Hotel in Chicago is amazing place. The lobby is so beautiful as well as the other section of the hotel. I think they got a really good service there.
The lobby in Ritz Carlton-Four Seasons Hotel. Beautiful, right?

They have a busy day in Chicago. A worship morning at Moody Church and a concert at Rockefeller Chapel. All at once in a day. Wow. Thank God, everything went very well and everyone was very friendly. Definitely, they are. Who the heck is going to be unfriendly to you, guys? No one could. You guys are too awesome :)
At Moody Church. The hands told me that it's taken when they sing Glory to thee.

They also got a fun time during the day in Chicago. They visit Museum of Science. Ah, I love a place like that. It's always interesting to me. Science should be fun, right? The museum has TONS of interesting thing. Eventhough the boys spent most of the day in there, they still have not enough time to see everything. After that, they ride a boat down the river too see Chicago's face. Curiosity brought me to Google, and yeah once again I have to agree with the boy that the boat trip and the view are wonderful. Thanks to the two women who caused a little mess in their beautiful day. Though the boys thought it was funny. LOL. :)
Boat ride down the Chicago river.
Oops, Luke, why do you close your eyes? The scenery was beautiful.

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