Frisco Meet & Greet Video

8 Aug 2011

In the Sunday morning they took a part for Sunday Mass at 9.00 am and 10.30 am, followed by an amazing show at 7 pm. At the Mass they sang the same song as Moody Church-Chicago, but no How Shall I Sing. They did a GREAT work for all those performing.

They also hold another Meet and Greet after the concert in there. That's so cool that 4livelaughlovegirls (above) and kpmac1 (below) shared these awesome videos with us. How funny that I feel happy and envy at the same time as watching this. LOL :P

I think this time they were talking much more than before. Relax, enjoy, and fun. I can't see any sign of tired on their face. Seriously, I loved it so much. I'm enjoying every minutes in these videos. It's like the best Meet and Greet they ever had.

"Yes yes I am. I'm going to France!" Oh Cassius, you always made me laughing so hard. LOL. Oh, Daniel! You've got a really nice smile. Can you see it, guys? For sure I must say, he is another my favorite smiley boy, beside my all-time favorite Josh. 
Holy sweet!! The girl got hug from Mini Ben and Liam. I'm speechless! The girl is really really lucky. For Ben and Liam fans, please stay calm! :)

I love the part when Freddie was laughing at Cassius at 2:00. Such a cute moment there. But, THE MOST FAVORITE is from 5:00 until 5:20, Josh was talking. I'm melted. That is the best moment EVER. Oh My Josh! Why is he so freaking adorable? :)


  1. LOL! Cj :D
    Thank God she didn't ask Josh for a hug. If she did it, I'm gonna freak out. LOL. Joke :P

  2. okay kewl she got a hug from ben and liam but al us girls are asking why did she miss josh out! lolz xx

  3. Yeah, that's strange, while Josh is between Ben and Liam. Or maybe she is a BIGGEST fan of Ben and Liam, so that she passed him over. Or she is too shy to ask Josh a hug. Well, that's still mystery. LOL. But seriously, it will drive me crazy if she do that to Josh. :))

  4. I will try to remain calm about the hugging bit :D this is a great video, though. Everyone's so sweet!

  5. Hahaha, good, Kiara. :D
    Yeah, agree with you. The video is awesome. :)