More Proof For Possible Philippines Tour

9 Aug 2011

Thank you Jimmy Riddle who found this. Seems this rumour is becoming more real. After we found about the book date in PICC on their upcoming event said that there will be a Libera concert on October 2011. Beside the clues given by Libera360 and the information from another fans, now on August 9 Odysseylive.Net has posted on their facebook's page about Libera will do a concert in Philippines on October 22. FYI, this site is a kind of on-line music site in Philippines. Is this a sort of official site? Please, someone tell me more about this site. Because I don't know more about this site, though, lol. But, they said:

"BREAKING NEWS from Odysseylive.Net! Mark your calendars! LIBERA is scheduled to have a concert at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on Oct. 22, 8PM. Stay tuned for more concert details!" - Odysseylive.Net Facebook

Though, more proof is just coming to us. But you guys should wait until Libera announce it officially, or at least until Libera360 start their promo on October 15th 2011. Just calm down, guys. Save money from now on!

According to Liberians Philippines (Libera)'s blog, Libera will also come to Cebu on October. It was informed by PolyEast's Sales Manager. Libera is coming to launch and promote their new Christmas album in there. 

Ticket available at TicketWorld Manila for Libera 'A Christmas Concert' on October 22 at 8.00 pm, buy the tickets here. The tickets range from PhP 7,210.00 until PhP 515.00.

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