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9 Aug 2011

Yay another great blog from the boys is out. Ah, love it! I feel like the writer is different from the previous post. It is just the way he write, has a different style.
Hello again, people of the webworld! This is part the third of the Libera Summer Tour blog! It has been a fair few days since the last blog update, so here we go…read more

They had another long journey and spent most of day in their coach. During the trip they used their time for "chilling" their bodies. Since the temperature outside the coach is very hot. I love how the boy describes the difference temperature between inside and outside the coach with word "astronomical". Sounded so cool. LoL. 

On Wednesday, they went to Grant's Farm, a home for more than 900 animals representing more than 100 different species. Wow, what a lovely place. The boys feed the animal in there. But, to the boys, the most memorable is when they feed the baby goat with bottles of milk. Even Liam, who has 3 bottles of milk, was "attacked" by the babies. Hahaha.
Cute! Liam looks like Draco Malfoy a little bit.

After the fun time, they went to Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis for a concert. The building is very beautiful and definitely big (from what I saw at their website). I (and the boys too) love the ceiling with wonderful mosaics on it. Oops, seemed they were so much enjoying to see curious faces that tried to find out where the sound was coming, while they sang Te Lucis. You know for Te Lucis they set up the older boys in the higher place that surprising the audience.
Sam and Liam, with the beautiful church and some boy's backs as background. 

They drove up to Frisco after did a successful concert, a fun M&G, and a refreshing swimming. And they had another looong journey. Well, well, now we all know that apparently Ben have an "insectophobia". I can imagine how hard his day during the night in Arkansas which has many insects everywhere they go. LOL, poor boy. They also had time to visit the Wild West for a while. Anyhow, have a great-last concert tonight boys. I believe you'll make another splendid performing. Well, guys, can't wait for your next blog. 

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