St. Louis Concert-Meet & Greet

4 Aug 2011

Guys, from what I heard last night in St. Louis there was a full Meet & Greet signing! So, they really DID the M&G! How lucky for those who attended that concert. I can't guarantee that Libera will make another M&G for next two concerts. They will only do that if possible. This is according to Steven Philipp's statement in my previous post

Now, let's wait and see until someone will share his/her review and pictures from the Meet and Greet in St. Louis. Geez, they are very lucky. So, here are the pictures from M&G. Credits to Mini Angels. I only picked my favorites.
The boys at the stage.
Walking to the M&G table. 
Matthew (his eyes similar to Josh's) and Tiarnan.
Michael, Ralph, Sam, Dylan, and Alex. Such a warm pose, lads.
Cassius, Daniel, Orlando, and Matthew R-A.
Half-Mini mini Ben, Thomas, Barney, Josh (looks so fresh!), Liam, Sammy, and the half-Daniel.
The cute newbies: Isaac, Mini-mini Ben, and Thomas.
We also got the half-Josh and Barney (I guess) here.

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