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4 Aug 2011

Good morning/afternoon/evening etc., wherever it is you are right now. And welcome to the Libera Summer 2011 US Tour blog! Here, as you know, we give you all the behind-the-scenes details you don’t usually get to hear about. So do tuck in to the glorious feast of words that shall now be laid before you, on this, the sweeping buffet of the more 

One hour ago, Libera posted their new blog for USA Tour 2011. Like usual, it is such a good writing and very entertaining. I love to see some pictures of them around the tour.

They are still having fun there though USA right now is very hot, even the boy said that the church was like a furnace on that day. Moreover, they should wear the robes and make it hotter than ever. Oh, poor boys. But, the best parts is during the tour they went to some nice places and met some famous people.

They are walking to the Church. What a beautiful church.

At Starkey Gala concert, they had the chance to meet Miley Cyrus (and took a picture with her), John Rich (and performed along with him), Whoopi Goldberg, and Bill Clinton. Guys, you are very lucky indeed.
 The boys was admiring some items and maybe the prices. Hahaha
Miley Cyrus and Libera boys. I wish I was her. LOL.

They also took a trip to Science Museum where they watched a film about King Tut. From the little research I made, the Museum in Minnesota is one of large museum in this regional. They have galleries covering the topics of paleontology, physical science and technology, the human body, peoples and cultures of the Mississippi River, and the museum's collections. They also have theater for the science film, like King Tut which watched by Libera boys. This film is about an Egypt King.

Beside the museum, they stayed at Maddens Resort on Gull Lake for short recreation. I visit the resort's site, and WOW!! what a great place. The boys certainly need such a place for taking break. It seems they had plenty of food there, thus they need some exercises to burn all fats and calories. LOL.
Jude and Mini Ben, and some boys playing basketball behind them.  
I think Mini Ben dyed his hair. Looks very blond.

Well, I wish you have a great time until the end of tour. Keep fighting! One day, don't forget to visit Indonesia. We also have a lots of great places to go, just saying :)

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