USA Tour 2011 - Part Five Blog

19 Aug 2011

Eight wheels. A ton of metal. 28 choirboys. 

And one moose. 

This is… a day on the coach with Libera!!!

Libera just posted the latest blog today, On the Bus. I must say, I love the beginning..That is very catchy, make me smile (not laugh yet) and want to read the rest. So here we go. 

From the title, we all know surely this is a story about Libera boys and their coach. As usual, the blog is presented very well. No, I think EXCELLENT is the right word. Very well written, informative, and abso-bloody-lutely HILARIOUS. The writer certainly is a smart one. It was showed by the word choice. I hope you know what I mean. Alright, we can make some fact about their journey on the coach during USA Tour.

Fact #1: Mario Kart is the game that they played together to start their Journey. They called this activity as The Ds Download connectythingy.
Fact #2: Their favourite things for killing time are listening to music, reading book, or playing game on the console.
Look at the two little men: Isaac and Michael. Why so serious, lads? LOL

Fact #3: Sometimes they have to be in quiet time which called off screens. They should turn off anything with screens, except iPods/Mp3's. It aims to rest their eyes. quiet, please! Besides, they need it to let their bodies to digest their food, especially after lunch.
Fact #4: Crackel Barrel is always accompany the boys wherever they go (of course only in the USA).
Fact #5: Oops, apparently the toilet on their coach emits a smell which they/or the writer named as a staggeringly stagnant stench. Hahaha, yeah, I know it right, guys. I've ever got such experience. But, I wonder, what kinda fluids they had?
Fact #6: The best part of the journey are singing, talking, and having a good time. Together as one is indeed the best part in our lives. Do you agree with me?
Fact #7: Just like the ordinary boys, they are full of curiosity.
Fact #8: They never forget to buy souvenirs for their lovely families. How sweet they are. :)

 Libera boys and the coach. Where is the Moose?

Well, like the boys, I am a person whose full of curiosity. I'm wondering what kind of bus or coach they talking about. So I went to Google, and search for Peterson bus (as written on the picture above). I expect for more pictures that will show you the complete detail of the bus, like interior or facilities, etc. Ah, what a pity, I can't found it. Oh yes, I found the website of it (click here), but they only published a few pictures which not really satisfy me. Ugh!

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