Libera 'A Christmas Concert'

13 Aug 2011

I just visit Libera360, and there is something on the upper right side caught my eyes. The picture above is a snapshot from the site. Finally, they (libera360 guys) was confirming that concert. It said:

A Christmas Concert - Manila. Cebu. (Other Venue to be annouced). For ticket reservations email us at:

I think the other venue will be announced on August 15. The important thing is the concert was confirmed. Anyway, you can go to Libera360, besides email them you can also send the message on the reservation box on the left side of the website. For seat plan, you can click here. Buy the tickets via TicketWorld, click here.

So, Filipino fans, what are you waiting for? Just save your money, and grab some tickets there. ;)


  1. Also seen at:

  2. I can't believe just HOW EXPENSIVE the tickets are!!

  3. I also posted this in my blog too :). Jimmy Riddle found it earlier.

  4. Adrian: nice site :)

    Michael: Yeah, that's bit expensive. Well, I hope they will change it. So, everyone can go to their concert :)

    Cj: Great post! :)