USA Tour 2011 - Part Four Blog

13 Aug 2011

Saturday we spent all day in our Four Seasons amazing hotel/spa place, which was apparently the sixth best resort in the whole of the U.S!  Well, it might as well have been first, with all the facilities available: huge tennis courts, about four swimming pools, many squash and racquetball courts, and of course the gym.

That is a part of the 4th blog entry from Libera boys. Click here to read the rest. Well, well, I'm glad that Libera and crew arrived at home safe and sound. Back to the blog, it begin from their luxurious Four Season Hotel with all the sport and sauna facilities. After spent mostly all day in the hotel, they had another buffet dinner with REAL food. Hahaha, that's really funny. So, did you guys always get that fake stuff in the buffet restaurant all this time?

Then here you are, the ungodly (I like that word!) day has come. They must wake up in the early morning with the dark bags under the eyes, though. Oh, boy! Two church service and one concert were scheduling for that ungodly day. Quite busy, huh?
Those little boys looks cute in their robes

Between the services and concert, they went to their beloved Barnes and Noble for spending the time and perhaps buying some books and other stuff. Interesting fact is they went to that store with their white robes. No wonder, many people attracted by a bunch of cute-angelic-boys. I can imagine what they are thinking in their heads. Maybe they had a big question like "Is this for real? Since when the angels like to hang around on earth especially at Barnes and Noble and even buy a book there?" LOL. :D But, that's brilliant! Surely, they got many attention from many people. It's like an 'accidental' promotion. Hehehe. At night the concert went really really well, as well as the meet and greet. Good job!
The white-robe boys were going around Barnes and Noble

Another travel day in their coach was beginning in the next day. Then, they arrived safely in Houston. They got a dinner in Cracker Barrel, checked in the hotel and got a room, and fell asleep peacefully. Read this: "Ah, how comfortable the beds were!" Okay, congratulation guys, finally you found a REAL place to sleep, not a fake one on the coach. lol
Hmmm, Liam, he nearly melted because of the weather. LOL

Tuesday was coming. They almost got to end of the tour. However first they should done the last concert. In the morning they went to a science museum to learn fossil and stuff. I laughed to tears when I was reading this part: "But anyway, lest you become a fossil from listening to this boring gabble, let me inform you that we also saw a 3-D film..." Guys, you know, your blog is truly enjoyable. Don't worry, I won't become a fossil as read that. Hahaha, hey anonymous writer, you got a really good sense of humour. I adored YOU! And we believe that certainly you were paying attention to those movies you watched. ;)

After that, they had look behind the scene what goes on for their concert. The lighting desk that produce WONDERFUL light at the stage. Microphone type they use to transfer their AMAZING voices to audience. Last, the huge mixing desk with loads of button. Then, they were ready for the concert. Finally, they ended the USA Tour 2011. Success and divine.
Boys, Rob, an operator, and the mixing desk

But, wait. It's not the ending? Not yet? I thought it was over. Hahaha. Apparently they still have a story for sharing with us. A dramatic one. Please, read this carefully:  
"Two rooms received wake-up calls from reception at absurd hours! They were Sammy and Jakob’s room, and also the room containing Liam, Josh and Sam. What was worse was that, at 6.30am, the latter room got dressed, had showers and everything, and went down to reception and waited for ages for the rest of the group! Then, with a horrible sinking feeling, they realised that they weren’t coming, because they weren’t awake yet! So they complained of this misfortune bitterly at reception, then went up to their floor again to catch some sleep before being woken up at the proper time."

I feel sorry for those boys who got that wake-up calls from reception. Jeez, whereas they need a proper sleep after a big show and all the activities they had before. That was really annoying. But the bright side is from this dramatically morning we can see how discipline the boys are. They get that call, get dressed and be ready immediately. Proud of you, lads. ;)

Then they packed their suitcases, and went to the airport. After a short delay, they began their flight to Dulles Airport, Washington D.C.  That's where this boy started blogging. He also said he'll be adding it later when they arrived at home.

So, this is not the ending? Not finish yet? Okay, I am really looking forward to the final part of this series. Anyway, enjoy your Sherlock Holmes, Sir. :)

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