Announcement from Libera360

15 Oct 2011

Attention, please. So there are two great news from Libera360, for those who are going to see Libera's concert in Philippines. Are you ready guys?

1. Libera will bring the biggest team ever for this tour. Wow! Wondering who's coming? Stay tune then. 
Do you know what we heard? --That Libera is putting together their largest ever contingent in one concert???  Yes, they are bringing more members than their previous concerts in the Philippines!  Now you don’t want to miss that! Wondering whos coming???  Well, keep it here because we will be releasing the names of the official members of the tour right here in Libera360!

2. Get a chance to have your picture taken with Libera. OH MY JOSH!!! I really want that, please! 
Libera group ticket sales of 20 or more will be given a 10% discount. Get your family, relatives, friends, school mates together and buy your tickets as a group and get that rare chance of HAVING YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH LIBERA!!! So what are you waiting for! Spread the news and practice that smile for your chance photo-op with Libera!

That is soooo awesome, isn't it? You're soooooo lucky guys. Very lucky fans. :)

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