A Calling for All Filipino Fans

6 Oct 2011

"Are you thinking of what to give Libera this Christmas?  Toys?  Sweets?  Gadgets?  How about a Gold record for their "Libera: A Christmas Album"?

You see, the Philippines have been struck by luck 3 times in a row...
In 2009, a Typhoon Ondoy-hit country was lucky enough to still be graced by South London’s top Boys’ Choir Libera amidst the anxiety and disarray of a grieving nation.
In 2010, after planned trips to other parts of Asia went for not, Libera planed in at the last minute to perform 2 matinée and 2 gala shows.

Now this October Libera is coming back to the Pearl of the Orient not just for a series of concerts, but to launch their much awaited Christmas Album, their first as “Libera”. (Their only other Chrismas Album was released when they were not yet called Libera).

The Filipinos are indeed lucky enough to be chosen by Libera for this album launching. With legions of Libera fanatics from all over the country anticipating their much awaited return, this launch is a BIG BONUS as Filipinos will be in for an early Christmas treat!

With this chain of luck going down the Filipinos way, Libera360.com only sees it fitting that it’s our turn – the fans – to give Libera something special. We are launching a fan initiative to get “Libera: The Christmas Album” a Gold Record by making at least 10,000 album sales before they get here on the 25th of October!
So here’s the challenge: get all your friends to buy the album! Put it on your Christmas wish list! Make your Christmas Gift! And give Libera a Gold Record status this Christmas!

Note:  Album is now available on all major record outlet.  Please on buy from these outlet for your purchase to be counted." - Libera360

What are you thinking about, guys? So, let's go grab your album now. Tell everyone to buy their new Christmas album. Don't forget to post this in everywhere. I know we all can do it. This is for LIBERA. Anyway, there are pictures came from their last year tour in the Philippines. Thanks for all these pictures Libera360 guys. You are TOTALLY awesome. :)
Ah, having so much fun guys?
Oh God, I missed Alfie so badly.
Cassius, why are you so funny? Love you.
Libera in Show Time. See their preforming here.
Last one is JOSH. Looking for some souvenir?

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