'The Christmas Album' Shoot

8 Oct 2011

Thank you Hiromi Sato who posted these pictures on Facebook. The pictures came from EMI Germany site. They have uploaded several pictures of the boys from their new album photoshoot. I really really like the pictures. The boys in their white robes and jumpers. Ah, white is all around. It reminds me of a snowy Christmas. They all looks very happy, have a little chat with each other. Anyway, I think Eoghan looks a bit like Michael Horncastle. Something on his smile, especially if we look at him from the side.

Oh yeah, our friend Bullehynka from Libera Dreams Forum make these pictures into the larger picture size. Thanks a lot. That's so AWESOME, you know. :) Click here to see those.
Carlos, Kavana, Ralph, Jude, Matthew J, Jakob, Matthew R, Henry, Freddie, Cassius,
Barney, Eoghan, Jude, and Dylan
 Matthew R, Cassius, and Eoghan
Henry, Freddie, Matthew J, and Jude
Jude, Eoghan, Jakob, Kavana, and Dylan
  Eoghan, Kavana, Dylan, Jakob, and Jude

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