A Gift from Japan

1 Nov 2011

Wow, it's been ages since the last time I update my blog. I've been busy last week. I have no spare time to write something on my blog, even I didn't greet my baby Josh on his birthday. So sorry :(.

Anyway, I'm on the great mood right now. Why? Because yesterday I've received a package from Japan. Yeah, my friend Hiromi Sato sent a gift to me. Wow, how kind of you, Hiromi. It is the first time I got a gift from a fellow Libera fan. Thank you Hiromi. You made my day. 

I become more excited and happy because the gift is Libera 'The Christmas Album'. YAY! Finally I got one copy of this album. FYI, in my place it is not easy to find Libera's album. So, it means the world to me. Beside the CD, she also gave me a folding fan and a cute manga of Ralph.

 What a cute animation of Ralph. I bet she draw it by herself.
 A little note/letter from Hiromi.
 The front cover of The Christmas Album
  The back cover

Again, thank you very much Hiromi for the awesome gift. You're the best.
ps: I'm so sorry for the poor quality  images.

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  1. Oh tahniah!! Congrats!! I know who Hiromi is. I'm friends with her on FB :)