Libera on Bliss TV 372

28 Nov 2011

Just in case you have never seen this picture before. So I put it here on my blog. This picture came from Bliss TV 372's twitter account. From left to right we have Jude, Isaac, Kavana, Cassius, and Michael. Awww...what can I say. They are all soooo cute. Well, I hope someone will post their appearance on Youtube soon. Would love to see the entire show, especially Libera's segment. :)

And finally someone has recorded and uploaded it. Thank you, Michael. The boys were not performing any of their songs. They just hosted a program called 'Libera's Christmas Carol', though there were almost no carols in it. Weird! But, the most important thing is the boys themselves. LOL. Oh My Josh! They are freaking funny. I couldn't stop laughing. Look at the cool expression on their faces. Plus their British accent. Awww, so priceless. Oh, Cassius is such a joker. He reminds me of Not-so-Mini Ben. And Isaac, omg, innocent but funny at the same time. Oh seriously, can I bring one of them with me? Maybe Cassius? Isaac? Or all of them? Kidding. They are sooooo hilarious and adorable. Really entertaining. Well done, boys! You made me laughing so hard in the middle of night. Anyway, I love the 'Christina Gorilla' joke and the most amazing fan of Glee. Greeaaaat job!! :D

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