O Holy Night Music Video

29 Nov 2011

Yuhuuiii...A new video, again. This time is 'O Holy Night'. Thanks Libera. You made my day. But, I still wish a video for Veni Veni Emannuel, Coventry Carol, White Christmas or Still Still Still. Pleeeaaaseee...especially for Josh's solo. Pleeeeaasssseeeee...I know it sounds so childish. But, I really want to see Josh's appearance again. And I'm wondering about his incredible performing of VVE in their latest concerts which many people are talking about now.

Back to this video, I think probably it will be played for Songs of Praise this Sunday. According to Jimmy Riddle, he saw a second clip for next SoP episode that show Libera in church; and Stefan as a center or something . So he might be the solo for their performing, and it could be this song. Yeah, I guess so. Not so sure though. LOL. Edit: Ooopsss, I'm wrong. Jimmy also said on Dreams Forum that Liam, Josh and Ben will return for Sunday's SoP video. So, it means this video is not for SoP. Then we'll have another new video again. Oh My Josh! This week Libera is treating us sooo well. Wish more will come soon. :)

Again, the duo Ralph and Stefan is really impressing. All thumbs up to both of you, boys. You always done a remarkable work all this time. Based on the number of boys, I'm positive sure they made it the same time along with the video of Carol of the Bells. This time Libera comes with a simple video, like they did lately. I really understand about it. The cost is limited, so simplicity is the best way to a video. But, I really appreciate all of the videos you've made for us. Fans always love to see the boys in the video. Don't worry Libera, we didn't ask much. :) Okay, I won't talk too much anymore. Just enjoy this video.


  1. Amazing video! Ralph and Stefan make the perfect duo! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. Both of them are just fantastic duo. :)