Philippines Tour Pictures

9 Nov 2011

I know it's bit late but I just can't deny to post it in my blog and comment these awesome pictures from Libera. I always love the picture from Official Libera. Just soooo Libera. I only put my favorite ones. See the rest here.

Libera on ASAP Rock! That background is soo rock.
 God! All of them are looking really really adorable. Who's with me?
 Bowling. Alex looks hilarious!
I know you're the best, Isaac. Haha
 Big boys VS Lil' guys
 Josh  on the screen! YAY! Anyway, what song is it? 
It's Veni Veni Emmanuel!
 The Moose!
 I love the reflection and the purple lighting.
 Amazing picture. I love that starry background.
" We're ready to fly to Cebu"
 Libera boys and the plane crew. I wish I was one of the crew. ;)
 Haha...Daniel, JB, and Ben! It seems like they enjoy it so much.
 Oh Josh, happy 17th birthday. You're a stunner. Love you always!
Oh Cassius, you're such a cutie. I want a brother like you. LOL.
 I know it's you Josh, even you cover your face. LOL.
 I love the blue sea. It contrast with their white outfit. Nice!
 Nice picture of Stefan. Love his smile.
OMG! Ciaran and Michael. Beautiful kids :)
Double Matthew. Double cute ^^

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