Eternal Light Music Video

9 Nov 2011

Finally Libera has uploaded their 'new' Eternal Light music video. Thank you so much, guys. The video is so beautiful and magnificent. It is so Liberasque: beautiful music, angelic faces, and nature background.

I'm really enjoying every minute of this 4:01 min video. Ah, it brings me a good mood and lifts up my spirit. Anyhoo, they all looks so young. Sadly some of them in the video are missing now like James T, Mini James, and Freddie (not so sure he's still with Libera or not). Hey, I really miss you guys.

Here are some snapshot from the video.


  1. I can't believe it! Hooray!
    This video is so ... summer. And we have the first snow fell!)

  2. Yay!!! Hooray!!!! :D

    It start to snow in there? Wow, all my life I've never seen the real snow before.

  3. Maybe I can send you some snow by email? LOL.
    In fact, we have a lot of ice now. All the snow has melted.

  4. So, could you send some? LOL - that would be awesome if it can be happen for real :D