Official Christmas Album Preview

14 Nov 2011

Thank you Libera for this video. It includes the footage from a lot of places that they came for concerts. There is also some pictures from their photoshoot, you can see here. Hmmmm..honestly, from the inside of my heart I wish there will be a NEW DVD from Libera. Seriously, since I've never been to their concert, I definitely want that DVD. I want to see the boys sing live. Please, Libera, please, release a DVD for us! Pleeeaase! :)

OH MY JOSH!! Those little boys (Michael and Ben) are too cute, as well the older boys.

For those who have not yet purchased this album, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!" You can order it through their shop, just click here. I must say, this album is very wonderful. It's really worth it to buy.

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