Happy Christmas Video

24 Dec 2011

Yay! Finally they uploaded the Christmas greetings video. I always wait for this. It seems they took this video the same day as their appearance on ITV "This Morning". Well, you can see it by looking at the Christmas sweaters wore by Kav, Barn, and Cass. Oh, they bring Moose too with them. This time he's on Christmas mood. He is the STAR in the video. I love they use In Dulci Jubilo as the backsong. Like, like it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, boys. Thank you for this precious video.

(Little part of Carol of the Bells video - Moose sit on the shelf - The boys are chatting, sitting, video-gaming/or texting, waving, writing.)

Cassius : "Hello I am Cassius."
Barney : "I'm Barney. Thank you for clicking on us."
Cassius : "We're Libera. And we're just about to go on a Christmas TV performance."

(A short clip of Libera on ITV "This Morning")

Barney: "We're in the changing room in the moment. And we're getting ready for the big show."

(Jude is playing his mini keyboard happily - Rehearsing - Moose is playing with Christmas tree ornament.)

Barney: "We'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas."
Cassius: "And a happy new year."
All the boys: (happy face) "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!"

(Moose is in the Christmas tree. The end.)

I'm trying to listen it carefully, but I know there is mistake in my writing above. You know, sometimes British accent makes me confuse. Hahaha.


  1. How sweet of them!(: This made my day!
    Merry Christmas Libera, and to you too Yuni!

  2. Yes, they are our super-sweet boys. Love them so much. :)