TV Appearances

21 Dec 2011

I think recently Libera got many chances of TV appearance. It's good actually. They have a big opportunity to promote their album. Ah, maybe because it's Christmas. You know, everything can happen on Christmas. Magic speaks on its way!

Home For Christmas Show

Okay, I know it's not Libera's performance. But, hey, Stefan is a part of Libera. So, this video is definitely required to all the criteria. They were performing Silent Night. I always like to see Stefan singing. He is soooo enjoying what he do. Good job Stefan and friends, and also Michael! :)

Libera Boys Choir Shows Their Christmas Spirit

This time on AP Jude, Kavana, and Cassius talked about classic music, their own music-I mean Libera's music, and Libera itself, plus their album of course. Oh anyway, if you saw the comments which contains the negative things, please just ignore it and don't get them back. Give your lovely comment direct to Libera boys. Don't waste your time and energy for those rude people. Got it, guys? :) 
Libera on ITV "This Morning"

Today Barney, Kavana and Cassius (who else!-imitating my friend, Michael- Haha) take part in a Christmas Cracker survey for ITV's This Morning and get first hand experience of the show business giant that is Brian Blessed.

This is the first time I saw the boys not wearing their Libera's uniform for TV appearance. We have a joke about it in Twitterland. Who thought actually the boys have their own clothes. Hahaha. Wow I must say, this is a rare chance to see the boys in their casual clothes when they are on duty. 

Stef, Barney, Luke, Carlos, Eoghan, Dylan, Cassius, Matthew RA, Ralph, Matthew J, Jude, Daniel, Josh, Alex, Kavana, and Jakob; they perfomed Joy to the World. Incredible as always, I love it. It is surprised me that Josh was there. Ah, he got a new haircut. Looks cute on him. Who has noticed how tall Alex is? I believe he can get taller and taller. Blame it on teenage hormones! lol.

Oh yeah based on Kavana's tweet, Libera will be on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow on the Chris Evans Show 6:30-9:30 am UK time. Don't miss it, guys!

Edit: You can listen to the radio here. It's available for wideworld. They were singing some of traditional carols and some of their songs. They sang In Dulci Jubilo (00:50), Once in Royal David's City (1:23), and Winter Wonderland (2:03). They also played Carol of the Bells and Oh Holy Night. Then they sang In the Bleak Midwinter (2:30). It is beautiful song. I can clearly hear Ralph's voice. He made me goosebumps. They created a lovely harmony as all of them sang together. Splendid job, lads! They also sang Away in Manger as a closing which is amazing too. Sooo awesome. BUT, all of the songs were TOO short!!! That is unfair!!!! Geez. Haha..I hope could listen the full ones.:) Though, I must admit it that this is a really good promotion for them. Anyway, you can download it from here. Thanks a bunch, Jimmy Riddle.
 Libera boys and Chris Evan
(front: Barney, Stefan, Ralph, Kavana, Eoghan, Cassius, Jude, Matthew J; - back: Josh, Jakob, Alex, Matthew RA, Daniel, and Luke)


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  3. I loved all the videos! I could hear Eoghan and Matthew RA singing the high notes in the last video. They did an amazing job!