Libera on Live With Gabby

16 Dec 2011

Yesterday Libera boys have appeared on a tv show called Live With Gabby on UK TV. Thank you Michael for recording and uploading it to Youtube.

Before they performed their song, some of the boys were interviewed by Gabby. Kavana, Barney and Cassius were the speakers from Libera. Then 14 boys sang Carol of the Bells live (which is everyone's favorite). There are Barney, Stefan, Dylan, Matthew R-A, Cassius, Luke, Matthew J, Ralph and Eoghan in the front. We have Alex, Jakob, Carlos, Jude and Kavana in the back. 

I'm happy that they had lots of TV appearance lately for promotion. I hope their Christmas album will be number 1 favorite Christmas album in the whole world. Anyway, for those who want to buy this album for yourself or as a gift, please visit here and purchase through it.


  1. They did amazing! I love how Barney is always getting interviewed, I would love to hear a solo from him. Splendid Job, Libera! Thanks so much for sharing this Micheal and Yuni!

  2. Hi Zoe,

    I like Barney too, especially his big smile on the face. I want to hear some solo from him. Can't wait!

    You're very welcome. :)