Hello 2012! :)

2 Jan 2012

This is my very first post in 2012. First, happy new year Libera's world! How was your New Year celebration? I hope you guys had lots of fun. OH MY JOSH, time flies, especially if you do the fun things. Agree?

Hmm..my first job for 2012 is re-write and update some of my old post, also I want to write my review about Libera 'The Christmas Album'. I know it's a bit late to write it, but who care? lol. Oh yeah, I want to do the kaleidoscope of Libera's event in 2011 which is the busiest and greatest year for them, I think. So here is the my things to-do list.
- Soloist [✔]
- Site About Libera [✔]
- Review [cancelled]
- Kaleidoscope
- New header for blog [✔]

In 2012 Libera will be coming to Singapore and Japan for Spring Tour, see the details here and here. Who's going to one or both of the venues? Oh Josh, I wish I can go this time. Anyway, I wonder if they will add another venue into their stopping list. Who knows! They always surprises us.

For Libera: new year, new place for touring. Ah, is there any chance for new album? It's still big question. But, I hope they will release another album this year. That would be totally awesome!

Speaking of time, my biggest fear is more close to me. What is it? Josh will be leaving Libera anytime soon. NO! Even I always say that I'm ready for it but honestly I am NOT. Still, I can do nothing. Life must go on. We need to moved on. Libera is still Libera no matter what, with or without Josh. And I still LOVE Libera forever and ever. So, as a great fan of Josh I will support him in whatever he does. That is what fans are for. ;) Anywho, I made a tribute video for him, just in case you never watched it here is the link. Hope you enjoy it! 

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012. Wish all great things will happen to all of us: me, you, and Libera. Love you all.


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family too, Mickey. :)

  2. Liam might be leaving the choir soon too. But you're right. Life must go on, whether we like it or not.