Singapore Concert Update

6 Jan 2012

 The Seatplan

The tickets for the front rows are on sale now. Michael, the organizer, has explained about the seating for the concerts in Singapore. Rows A and B won't be utilised. Row number C (the first usable row) is blocked for sponsors / VIP. Row number D and E for sale now while F and G remain blocked for sponsors. If you want specific seats, you can call Sistic directly for the request.

You know, I think people who manage Libera concerts have done a great job so far. There was an advertise in Straits Times newspaper for January 5. You can see the huge picture of their poster above. :) Wish many people will notice it. Hopefully their first tour in Singapore will be successful as the others. Guys, spread words! 

Beside the ad on newspaper, the flyers for advertising Libera concert in Singapore has been out. Our fellow fan Carina from LDF took the picture of it. When she found it, it was displaying on the rack at the Sistic counter. It's really good for getting people's attention to Libera. Although the concert is about 3 months away, we need to work extra hard since Singapore is a new place. So the sooner, the better.

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