Singapore Meet and Greet

10 Apr 2012

It was time to meet them in person. Yup, Meet and Greet! I tried to compose myself after the breathtaking concert, but failed miserably. I couldn’t believe it was over. Still suffered from the post-concert effect, then starstruck-syndrome decided that it was the time. Jesus, I forgot how to talk. My poor English became poorer. I got lost in most of conversation I had. So funny to look back now, though.

As I dragged myself out of theatre, a line of people already waited to greet and meet the boys. After a few moments, the boys in blue shirts finally showed up and made their way to long tables that set up outside theatre. I was actually surprised by the fact that the boys were so tiny and little. They always look bigger and taller in the videos or photos.

Starstruck started to kick in again once I was only inches away from them. Made it worst than ever. But then the coolest thing happened. Some boys recognized me and told me that they saw me from the stage. I was like "Oh really? Did you?" It really lightened me up. I felt like the happiest and luckiest fan ever. They were so nice and kind, greeting and answering me. Loved these boys oh so much.

Autographs? Checked. Pictures? Checked. Was it really over? Oh, I miss them already. 

Individual Pictures
Before you continue exploring the pictures, I want to warn you. There are so many blurry (not to mention awkward) pictures due to sudden attack of starstruck + nervous which caused the blogger losing control of balance of her brain and body. One of the effects was can't take good photographs. Sigh. Can't help! Hope you'll understand. Happy exploring!
Barney Lindsell - Ah, I forgot to ask him to look at the camera. But, actually he was so nice and cute. He was the first one who told me that he saw me from the stage. Yay! Anyway, I really love this kid. Looking forward to hear any future solos from him.
Luke Collins - Ugh, I kinda ruined his beautiful eyes here. So sorry, Luke! Well, I told him that he was so great in his performing that night. He said, "Thank you".
Matthew Madine - Oh, he's so cute! I was only standing in silence and smiling like dumb when Michael told him that I was running the Indonesian fan page and a big fan of Josh. He just kept smiling and staring at me. I just gave him my nervous, awkward smile as a reply. Lol.
Ralph Skan - So polite and kind and sweet. I had a quite "long" and nice chat with him. When I told him I came from Indonesia, he said that he had family here (if I heard it right). Nice! Then next time you have to visit Indonesia.
Michael Menezes - This little one was a newbie on the tour. Actually he was not a newbie at all. He was listed on the member list for London concert last year and also appeared in the Valentine's Day video. Aww..he's so tiny and cute.
Carlos Rodriguez - He's the back-row boy in Libera now. He got so taller. His voice also got deeper. I couldn't get a proper picture of him because I kinda hurried to move onto another boys at the time. What a pity!
Dylan Duffy - Ah, I couldn't get a proper chat with him. But he was so nice when I asked him to look at my camera. He gave me his best smile. But, my hand was shaking. In the end, I got a blurry picture.
Kavana Crossley - He's one of my favorite members. He is one of the longest member in Libera among the current boys. He was super sweet. Love his smile. How deep his voice is now!
Isaac London - Another tiny, cute lad. He was so serious when scratched his name on my booklet. It was such a precious moment. It was like he didn't want to disappoint us by not giving his best signature. How adorable!
Henry Barrington - This was my embarrassing moment. When Henry said 'Hello' and waved to me, I replied to him, "Hello, SAMMY!". Oh Josh! I apologized to him instantly, but he still gave me his cute smile as an 'okay' sign. Such a very nice kid. Oh, anyway, I just remembered that he was smiling all the time during the concert.
Matthew Jansen - I absolutely adore this kid. He was coughing during the concert, but still doing a great performance that night. I asked him if he was okay, he said that he got cough. Oh poor Matthew. But, here is my salute to you!
Matthew RA - He's such a shy person (not on the stage, though. I mean, he is so confident when he sings.). But, he instantly smiled at me when I brought out my camera. Again, I got blurry picture and couldn't take a good picture of him. Sorry, Matthew.
Eoghan McCarthy - Smirky boy! Very adorable. Told him that I really enjoyed the concert and gave him my compliment for his amazing performing.
Jakub NR - Ah, when I took a picture of him, he was pretty busy with his signing activity. Couldn't talk much with him. But, he still smiled a sweet smile for me.
Adrian Sheard - He's got a smiley face. He reminded me of Daniel somehow. I think his hobby is smiling. He always smiles all the time, like he is so happy for what he's doing. I told him that I really enjoyed watching he smiled on the stage, then he gave me his cutest smile. Aww! :)
Ciaran BH - Ciaran! I really love this kid and his performing at the concert, especially on Dies Irae. He's so tiny and adorable. He asked me if I enjoyed the concert. Of course, I enjoyed it as much as you did, Ciaran. :D
Lucas Wood - In my opinion, Lucas looks a bit like Jude. Don't you think so? Maybe because they share the same chubby cheeks. Haha.
Ben Fairman - Hahaha. This is the sleepy one. I told him that I saw him yawning several times. And he said that he was a bit tired. But, he said it with a very cheerful face.
Thomas Degaldo - Do you love this pose of him? Very cute, isn't it? In the first time, he was busy chatting with the other boys. Then he realized that I was there, and gave his cutest pose for me.
Michael UR - Another embarrassing moment has happened again. Like Sammy's case, I called Michael with a wrong name. I called him BEN. Oh shoot! What's wrong with me?? But, then he smiled back to me after I apologized to him.
Cassius O'Connell - Gotta love this kid! He is really adorable. He suddenly gave his funny smile widely when I took a picture of him.
Stefan Leadbeater - Eeh, this picture was shining due to flash from another camera. *sigh* It would be a really nice picture if only there was no flash. Oh well. Stefan was very sweet.
Oscar McFall - Oscar was a newbie on the tour as well as the other three. Good thing I managed to capture a nice picture of him. At a quick glance he looks like Barney. Just a bit, though.
Jude Collins -  Super cute Jude! Love his chubby cheeks. He's such a happy and funny person.

Group Pictures

My Libera Treasures 
Here are my precious little things from Singapore concert. A poster, a programme booklet from Glenys, a Japan poster/leaflet and Angel Voices 2012 CD from Yuki, and a flyer from Phoebee. I got autographs on SG poster, hand-written messages poster, the CD booklet, and the programme booklet. 

Extra Notes
I'm so sorry for those who didn't get picture of the boys. Honestly, at first I went through the line with no pictures. I only got autographs. But, I ended up go through line twice. Thanks to Lauren who told me to queue again. That's why I got pictures of the boys.Actually the photography was allowed, but there was a misunderstanding with the venue staff. Hope you guys could understand it. There's always another time.

I also met many fans who traveled across the world to see Libera in Singapore. I met Yuki and Mummy (JP), Lauren (US), Patrick (FR), Michael and Nobita (SG), Martin (DE), Enyu and Haru (KR), Adele (CHN), Glenys (NZ), Hannah and Phoebee (PH). Also I bumped into some fans from Indonesia and apparently we stayed at the same hostel. What a small world! Too bad I was so speechless at the night. I was so enchanted by Libera's music. Couldn't talk much. You know, first timer's problem.

I was introduced to Mr.Roberto de Ocampo by Michael. A really nice and friendly man. He told me that he had been to Indonesia several time. He also told the story how he became a Libera fan. Beside Mr. de Ocampo, Michael was also introducing me to Mr.Philipp. He was very nice, too. I told him that I had been waiting for 4 years to see Libera concert. Also asked him to hold another concert in Singapore so I could come every year. I sent my good luck to Mini Ben through him. Overall, everything went so wonderful. Hopefully it is just a start of my Liberadventure. See you next time, boys!


  1. Thanks for the great review! Very happy for you!
    Ha ha, I think if I met the boys, I would have not only messed up their names, but have forgotten the English language. XD

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Mickey. Glad that you enjoy reading my post.

    Hahaha. Well, their performance made me speechless. Haha. They were SUPER SWEET. I miss them already! XD

    Hope you can meet them SOON! :)

  3. I heard Ralph hugged a fan after the concert?

  4. Yup, she's also the one who helped the concert too if I made no mistakes.

  5. Any idea where I can see a picture? Really curious to know how it looked like.

  6. Well, sorry, I might have a picture. But, can't share. I have no rights to share it. I'm so sorry.

  7. Why don't you have any right?

  8. Because I don't know she wants to share it or not. Or maybe she wants to keep herself as anonymous. I don't know that. So, that's why I choose to not share it. Please, understand it. Thank you!

  9. oh my lord, stefan looks so god-like with the lighting. (huge fan of your blog, by the way!)

  10. Oh thank you. Though I thought the light was an epic fail. Lol. Glad you liked it. :D And thank you again for being a "fan". :D