Singapore Concert Review

10 Apr 2012

I’m home at last. Yet, I actually haven’t got over the post-concert effect. It’s hard to get myself back to the reality after the amazing night. And here I am, still on the cloud nine, trying to gather some memory archives of that night that I wanted to share with you. Let’s take a walk with me, back to the night that I always dreamed of in the past 4 years. Except, it wasn't a dream.

Libera in Singapore

Twirling thoughts and mixed-up feelings were all I had during the quick plane trip to my destination. Excited. Nervous. Happy. All in one. The closer I got, the more freaked-out I got. I finally landed my feet on the ground of Merlion city. Everything seemed surreal. Even until I planted myself down on my red-coloured seat inside Esplanade Theatre. I still wasn’t convinced that I was not in fantasy land.

Suddenly darkness and silence fell upon thousands of people - including me - in the room. Butterflies started dancing like crazy in my stomach. Then there was a voice, with a cute accent, instructing us to turn off our phones and no filming or photography allowed during the concert. I could see some moving robed-figures marching in the dark. Then it happened.

All boys in their flowing robes standing in front of me.
Beautiful lighting and heavenly sound began to fill the air. 
Yes, it was all real. I was in Libera concert for real.

Jubilate – All the time, I always heard how amazing Matthew RA was. Now I knew. He hit the high-notes effortlessly as he was just talking. He sounded really great. Matthew J, Dylan, Cassius, Eoghan and Ralph sang harmonies together. Beautiful! Later, Cassius and Barney joined in and sang the solo part. Wonderful! The lighting made everything perfect. It gave me goosebumps and tears. The rest was rather blurred. But, I remember the ending. Because once again they made me goosebumps head to toe with the perfect ending. While I haven’t yet recovered from Jubilate-attack, then they continued into...

Libera – And another goosebumps attacked me again (!). It was so magical and powerful. Everytime they sang “Liberaaaaaaaa”, the yellow ray shone from the stage. It really added more magic on the song. This time Eoghan and Luke with their crystal-clear voices sang the solo part. While the last “Libera” was finished by the sweet Ralph. He could still reach the high notes perfectly and gave me goosebumps. Well done! 

Cassius and Barney welcomed us and introduced themselves as Libera, a group of boys from a small place called England. It’s funny to think that they called England small while they were in way smaller country. Haha. Both of them were so funny. Made us laughed at everything they said. So cute! They also introduced the youngest boy on tour Lucas (8) and the oldest Stefan (14). They told us they would be singing some new songs, like this one… 

Song of Life – I remember when this song was first released, I was so moved by its haunting harmonies and deep-meaning lyrics. And it was even more touching when I heard it live. Ralph's sweet, tender voice really touched and melted my heart away. It felt so nice. 

Sanctissima – I missed Ben's unique voice on this song. But Ralph also is an astounding performer. He did another excellent work on it. I felt like something exploded in me when all the boys sang together. Amazement, I guess. The dark lighting gave mysterious effect in the atmosphere. 

Sanctus – Really loved this one. A classic Libera tune. I found it very cheerful and brigthful. It seems like everyone sang it wholeheartedly and happily. This was full of smiles. Luke sang the last Sanctus beautifully. It was an eye-and-ear-pleasing performance. 

Cassius and Michael UR introduced us to Libera mascot. The little moose whose name is Moose too. And apparently Moose is a role model. He’s always been into every rehearsal and concert. Good boy!

Libera Moose

I Vow To Thee – Matthew J deserved a big applause. His voice was so strong and remarkable. Along with Dylan and Thomas, he sang the solo. They performed such a breathtaking performance together. 

Eternal Light – Stefan and Ralph are perfection as duo. They blended so well. They made this song sound really beautiful with their rich voices. Magnificent! 

Salva Me – This song started with high “Salva”, produced by the amazing Matthew. I love Matthew RA. I love his voice. I liked how they displayed a huge shadow of a boy plus walking boys on the large screen behind him. Looked mysterious yet beautiful. 

Jude introduced the band. They had Simon on percussion, Steven on clarinet, recorder and keyboard, the string quartet, and their humble director Robert Prizeman on piano and keyboard. Jude even made a joke about Robert and his instrument. That gave us a good laugh. 

Do Not Stand – There were only 11 boys on the stage. I counted. Most of the mini boys left the stage. Then they put their hoods on, except one person. Ralph stood in the center, started to sing the song. Then, Stefan also took off his hood, joining Ralph to sing the solo together. Ah, such a nice stage act. And again, I have to tell that they were so good together. 

Exsultate – Stefan soloed on this. I loved their little choreograph. It made me want to join and dance with them. :) Oh there was a moment I laid my eyes on Matthew M and then all of sudden he did his quick, little movement that made me jump out. I was a little shocked by his sudden movement. Oh so silly me. 

Like blinking, they finished that upbeat song, and then the boys disappeared from the stage. I was confused. But apparently, it was time for intermission. Ok, that was fast. 

Orinoco Flow – Another my most wanted song to hear live. It turned out so nice. Really, really nice. What a happy and joyful song. Brought us a happy feeling. Loved their choreography, too. 

Gloria – Matthew RA never failed to impress me. He did it again. I was so blown away by their high-notes in this song. It was beyond amazing. I also have to point out that every single boy did their own job very well. I was so proud of them that night. Always, actually!

Cassius and Barney had a speech again. This time they talked about their sacred, white robe and its massive hood. Cassius is such a little joker. Very funny. 

The Fountain – Ralph took the solo part, helped by Barney. I noticed that Ralph was coughing during the song. Yet, he could finish the song ‘til the end very well, even sang the high notes without any problem. I was amazed! 

Die Irae – Always love this song. Ciaran won me over with his cute voice. Backed by Matthew RA, he sang the solo part. He sounded so nice. Way to go, Ciaran! :) 

Grateful Heart – I know this song was sung by Liam O’Kane years back. Click the video below to listen to it. So nice that Libera brought it back to the stage with a new soloist, our favourite Stefan. I think it was a right decision to give his this song. His voice, his singing technique. He’s a pro. And sweet.

Stay With Me – Cassius, Barney, and Dylan did a really good performing. Cassius got the solo parts and he sounded really wonderful. Matthew RA did the high “Aaaaaah” in the back. Perfect as always! 

It was Nano Ben’s turn to give a speech. He made me “ooh” and “aah” because of his cute voice. He told us why he was called Nano, because there were two Ben in the choir beside him. 

Ave Verum – All the boys put their hoods on. Matthew J, Barney, Henry, and Ciaran sang together at the centre. Then they formed V-formation where they placed Ralph in the center. Everyone did their own part properly. I could feel all energy they put into the song. 

Far Away – Who says little people can’t do a big job? Isaac just proved it wrong. He’s only 9, but he has a big confidence in himself. He didn’t even look nervous at all. He sang it perfectly. So smooth. I look forward to hear more from him. He’s got a strong voice. Salute to Isaac! 

Glory To Thee – I believe this is the kind of song angels sing in heaven. It sounded so haunting, heavenly. And with Eoghan’s singing, I really thought I was in heaven. The canon part was also marvelous. Bravo, boys!

Michael thanked us for coming. In other words, the concert was about to over. My heart sank a little at the thought of ending. Too good to be ended. 

How Shall I Sing That Majesty – This was my favourite of the concert. It was so majestic. Stefan and Eoghan had the task to sing solo parts. So beautiful! Then the whole boys sang the chorus with them. And boom! Goosebumps! There was a strong energy and emotion transferred through the song. No words can describe it. Just excellent! We showered them with the merriest claps and cheers we could give. 

Encore – For the last time, they sang Exsultate to us. A proud and relief smile craved on their faces. Their smiles were so contagious. I couldn’t help smiling my biggest smile, too. I was really, really proud of my boys. I was (am) so grateful to have the chance seeing them live. The concert ended with a standing ovation from the audience. We all agreed that it was a fantastic concert. Thank you Libera. :)

This 2 hours perfomance was beyond amazing. I was so absorbed into it. I didn't even realize how fast time passed by. Then it's just over. Left me stunned and speechless. Next, Meet and Greet!

Extra notes from the concert:
I had a front row seat in the center. Good things to have this seat, you would find and witness a few cute moments happened on the stage. For example, some boys looked so sleepy, even they were yawning while singing. I caught Thomas and Nano Ben did it. It was really understandable. Probably they were still tired of a long journey from London, jet-lag, and the previous concert on Friday. I found it so cute, though. Couldn’t help myself to not laugh at this sleepy-moment.

At the time, it seemed some boys had cough, like Ralph, Michael Menezes, and Matthew J. Especially the latter one, he was coughing all the time but he could handle it so well. Duh, he sang every single song so perfectly as he didn't have a problem. These boys are so professional.

Let’s get back to the cute moment business. Isaac did a little mistake on his hand-choreography on Stay With Me, yet he didn’t realize it until they moved on to the next choreography. At the time he looked so serious and focused on the song without knowing his mistake. That made it funny. Ciaran got a problem with his huge robe on Orinoco Flow. He had to lift his robe while walking and moving. Did he know that we could see his white shoes and socks?

Well, some boys got shocked a bit because they were not ready yet in their right position but the lights already turned on. The look on their faces were so priceless! And it was Barney whom I always caught most of the time. :D One time Ciaran tried to fix Matthew RA's position by dragging him into the middle on Dies Irae. Aww, so precious! :) Their imperfection makes them so perfect in my eyes.

Last, I want to thank Michael for giving me an awesome seat for this concert. Thank you, thank you so much. You're a great help. Without you, probably I wouldn't get the chance to have this experience. You really made my day (or year)! Thanks again. :)


  1. I was at that concert but by the time I came out the line was too long for the meet and greet. Also I thought the little boys looked tired and the meet and greet would only go on for an I left...but wow, you're an even bigger fan than me...I just discovered them when I bought their Christmas album last year, to play in the car for the long ride home...fell in love with Josh because of Lullabye...then got my friends hooked on it as well.

  2. Hello, Jenn! Oh, you went to the concert too? Great! It was amazing, right ;)

    Yeah, the line was long. But, thankfully I still managed to meet the boys. Yes, I saw that too. They looked sleepy and tired. But, they were still be very nice and friendly to the fans. How I love them so much.

    Awesome job! Please, keep spreading Libera's music. :)

    Hopefully they will come back next year in Singapore. I'd love to come again. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, anyway.

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