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5 Apr 2012

I'm so happy because I can hear and watch Libera interviews this morning. That is such a lovely way to start a day, eventhough I have to wake up early. It's really made my day. 

Symphony 92.4FM
So, the first interview was on Symphony 92.4FM. Before the interview, they played Libera for a start. That's good choice to introduce Libera. My heart skipped a bit when I hear "Liberaaaa..." played in the radio. I got so much excited and felt so proud of our boys. I was like "Hey Singapore, Libera is here ready to mesmerize you with their angelic voice". 

Then, the host introduced Barney, Kavana, and Jude as Libera boys. First impression: OH-MY-JOSH! Kavana's voice is soooo low now. Wow! You are surprising us, young man. So, you're the row-back boys now, eh? 

We all knew about the member list which you can check it out here. It was shocking, to be honest. Because there is no usual older boys. From this interview, it's confirmed that they are not coming. Their place will be replaced by some new mini boys. So that's they have new arrangement to songs for the newbies. Look forward to discover new talents in Libera! They also revealed that Dies Irae and Orinoco Flow will be on set list. Yoohoo! Excited! :D

Then, "In Paradisum" has ended the interview which I believe can attract people who's listening at the time. Oops, I almost forget to give you the link to the interview recoding this morning. Don't worry you can still hear it HERE. Thanks Jimmy Riddle.

Then 50 minutes later, the boys were having another interview. Busy schedule, hah? Hehe. This time was a TV interview. Kavana, Ralph (with new hair-cut), Isaac, and Cassius were interviewed by the host. It was sooo cute when Isaac said his age asked by the host. So innocent. 

Overall, the topic is kinda the same. Again, they have confirmed that the older boys stay at home because they have to study for exams. We'll surely miss you guys during this tour. Good luck and do the best for the exam. In other words, it makes Stefan as the oldest one among the boys on the tour.

This is interesting. They also talked about their individual voice for going high or low. Ralph can sing low, but still be able to hit the high notes. Kavana is now singing the lowest part. Very deep. Since Isaac is only nine, he get the higher. What about Cassius? He is mid-range voice.

At the end, they've got a challenge to create and sing music. The host and Ralph and the others added the rhythm while Kavana made a rap song about laptop. Haha. That is so HILARIOUS. You must see it! Watch the interview HERE
Host 1, Kavana, Cassius, Ralph, Isaac, Host 2


To end my blog today, I want to say don't be so sad and disappointed if you can't see your favorite one(s) on the list. I feel kinda sad too. Try to bring this in your mind that change is a common thing in Libera. You can be sad, but don't make them feel 'burdened'. We have to move on. They also have to move on. Say 'goodbye' to those who left, and 'hello' to the newbies. Just keep enjoying their music. Libera is still Libera, after all. :)

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