Welcome to Singapore, Libera

4 Apr 2012

I have some good news for you guys:

1.) Libera boys just arrived in Singapore. This is according to tweets from some of Libera crew. Glad to hear that the boys made it safe and sound. After a very long journey, please take a nice rest first. Then let the Spring Tour begin. Hope you enjoy your trip in Asia, especially in Singapore and Japan. 

2.) Tomorrow morning Libera will be having TV and radio interviews. They will be on Symphony 92.4FM at 8 am (Singapore time) and AMLive at 8.50 am (Singapore time). Don't worry for those who live outside Singapore territory because you can still hear/watch them via live streaming. To listen to the radio, go to this link and to watch the TV show please use this link. Set up your alarm. Don't miss it, guys! :)

Libera just tweeted a few minutes ago:
Safely arrived in Singapore. Looking forward to concerts in the Esplanade. Tickets still available.

Libera360 just announced the list of Libera boys who come on this tour: Henry, Ciaran, Jude, Luke, Kavana, Thomas Delgado, Dylan, Ben Fairman, Matthew Jansen, Stefan, Barney, Isaac, Matthew Madine, Eoghan, Jakub Niedmaier, Cassius, Matthew RA, Carlos, Ralph, Michael Repa. Newbies: Oscar McFall, Michael Menezes, Adrian Sheard, and Lucas Wood.

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