Let The Spring Tour Begin

3 Apr 2012

It's only 3 days away to the first concert of Libera - Spring Tour 2012. Are you excited? I feel excitement here and there. Everywhere. Can you feel it? People started counting days, hours, minutes, and seconds (im)patiently. Everyone has their own question and thought in mind, such as who'll be on the tour, and many more. You tell me. Hehe. 

"Final prep for SE Asia tour. Fine tuning the show and packing suitcases. Plus new video posted Busy busy busy….." - Official Libera (3 April 2012)

It seems Libera is now ready to start their first tour in 2012. Asia is blessed because they chose us to start their another busy year. Whoa, not only them but also Singapore is ready to welcome our angels to their country for the first time. See pictures below (credit to Shanyu). Libera's banner is everywhere. I believe the same excitement is also happening in Japan. You can see on how fast the ticket selling there.

So, Libera boys and the crew are ready as well Singapore and Japan. How about you? Are you ready to follow their journey for about 2 weeks in SE Asia? Keep them under your radar. Because Libera is finally back to mesmerize us with their heavenly tunes. 

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