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1 Feb 2012

Quick News - Libera Singapore just announced a great news for fans about the concert in Singapore. You can choose your three favorite songs from Libera. They might be considered for song list of the concert. Awesome! The final decision is still on Libera's side, but why not give a try. So, what are you waiting for? Vote now! Write down your songs on the post at their facebook page, here.

"From now till 12th February, share with us three of your favourite songs by Libera, and the top three song titles will be passed on to Libera, who MAY sing those songs at the concert! Disclaimer: the final song list, however, is at Libera's discretion." - Libera Singapore

Updates 16 February - The result: The top choices are Sanctus, Orinoco Flow, Far Away, and Song of Life. The list has been passed on to Libera. But, Libera (Singapore) also gave Libera all the songs mentioned by fans. Now we'll be waiting for the final decision from Libera.

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