Arundel Concert 2012 Announcement

26 Mar 2012

(20 March 2012): Premium tickets were SOLD OUT.
(26 March 2012): We knew that their premium tickets were sold out already. But, Libera just updated it on their website. Congratulations, guys! They say: 
"Tickets for our Arundel concert are selling well.  As usual we placed 100 premium tickets on public sale via Ticketweb, and these were sold out within 51 minutes of them going on sale - a record!  However General Seating tickets are still available through Ticketweb."


Hello, Libera fans in London-UK and Europe in general. Libera just announced a new venue for concert in Arundel Cathedral, London. Don't miss it, lads and lasses! Please, spread the word. The tickets will be on sale on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 16:00. Check out their official website for more info/update.

Arundel Cathedral
5 May 2012, at 19:45
Tickets price: £10 - £25 
Purchase the ticket through Ticketweb or call 08444 771 000

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